Suklaapitko 400g

Suklaapitko 400g

Suklaapitko 400g

Hinta 5,50 €

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Ian's Mart is committed to high quality kosher products and optimum price level. Our aim is to supply Kosher products variation for all interested consumers, with the highest service standards.

Orders can be made via our web page, phone or by e-mail, and will be delivered to the requested address with basic delivery fee, as listed in the payment terms section.

Please contact us, for any special requirements of products, delivery times or any other questions - We will be happy to serve you at our best.

Payment terms:

Home deliveries in Helsinki,Vantaa and Espoo have a basic delivery fee of 11.95€.

Matkahuolto delivery fee to outside Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo area is paid in advance -11,95€. 

For XL size packages, there is extra 2€ payment.

Deliveries to Järvenpää, Tuusula, Kirkkonummi, Nurmijärvi and Kereva are possible with 12.95€ delivery fee regardless of the order sum, (the delivery weight do not change the delivery fee).

Deliveries and fees to other parts of Finland, can be agreed on demand basis.

Payment Methods

Purchases can be payed at the moment by:

- Bank Transfer

- MobilePay +358407547768

- Invoice (company registered customers only).

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